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Have We Reached Our Industry Pinnacle?

Have we reached our industry pinnacle? As a professional beatboxer, I can say with no doubt I've reached the pinnacle of my career multiple of times in the areas of entrepreneurship, personal as well as professional growth and financial success to the point even surpassing overall projections and even more than one of my lofty ultimate career goals. Because of this overall career allows me room to write down and assess my goals in other aspects of my life and career goals for the next 10 to 20 to 30 years. When this happens, we have to set the bar of our standards higher and set loftier goals. I've been faithful to the art of beatboxing and the entertainment industry for many years that I am grateful that it has been faithful in return. I count my blessings, all of them and I am prudent to understand where I am going. I know where my blessings come from.

Not just work and career is important to me. Also I love to assess how am I with God, myself, family, and ministry. I can say as of right this moment of writing this, every aspect required work from personal growth with God, myself, family, ministry, and career. I can say all of the above is balanced and fruitful. It requires diligence, time, treasure, talent, resources, and discipline. It required me to push myself to pass through thresholds, confronting master problems with solutions, and yes, challenging myself to challenge myself as well as others. We can give ourselves the permission to not be mediocre and complacent, and give ourselves permission to live with a spirit of excellence. To give ourselves the permission to not have to be a trend follower, but to be the trail blazer in every aspect of our lives and industry. We can do what we do for our generations, past, present and future.

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Motivating and Inspiring. To write down each goal you had and knock them down one at a time.

Acceptance. Ppl think they will never be accepted by the ppl. Because we in the world of perfect ppl are imperfect. So when you accept yourself the way you are. The world will recognize you. It all starts within. We have this amazing fantasy about life, this is how things should work. This is my plan, this should go as per my plan. If that doesn't happen. We give up. This life is a test and a trial. A test is never suppose to be easy. So if your expecting ease from life. Challege that. I know I have. Don't doubt yourself. It's okay to be scared and also to cry. My parents always told me in this family "Failure not an Option." Failure should be an option because when you fail you get up and when you fail you get up and that keeps you going.

Encourage other's it's not hopeless and never give up. Believe in yourself. God watching and he will guide you through.


Very good in writing essays. You encourage me to spend more time with God. Still trying to get a better job and get along with my family.


Very inspirational


Very inspiring! It encourages me to push forward in the things that I want to accomplish this year like getting more intimate in my relationship with God, growing daily in the Word, and striving to do well in school. Thank you for speaking life into others and for being such an influential person.