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Math Taught Me Patience

Math taught me patience and humility. Math taught me we can be perfected with effective approach and solution based strategy. Math taught me to be bold in confronting problems and not be afraid to handle even the most challenging of problems. No matter the headaches. Especially when working with students and when I am math teaching and tutoring students. Sometimes a student will understand a mathematics concept in another explanation. Main thing is being patient enough to show and teach the foundation. I light up when they light up and get it. Sometimes a student needs to know when to pick it up. Therefore I learn patience and humility through mathematics. It's because I had coaches in my life that believed in me, pushed me and motivated me to be at my best.

​Here are some of the results from a student I worked extensively with. In the beginning, I didn't jump in to tutor this student since it was a course I not once enrolled in. What I did rather was I coached this student indirectly how to earn those first two 100%'s for MindTap. Then that student's grades teetered from an A+ to a low B-. That was when I took a leap of faith to step in as this student's tutor, because of this student's result the former semester in a lower level version of this class. I did not want this student to end with the same outcome of barely making it. I chose to tutor this student in a course I have not enrolled in that has a ton of reading involved. I did not give up on this student. I coached this student on the mentality needed to be effective, study strategies, time management, and good study habits. Also I emphasized about having a finishing spirit. How we finish is far greater and more important than how we start. I also coached this student on the ability to yield to correction well. It's trial and error that requires patience and perseverance. This student completed MindTap with a total of nine 100%'s that boosted the student's overall MindTap grade from a B- to an A-. I challenged this student.. pushed this student.. motivated this student to not settle for a lower than a 100% result to help that student's MindTap grade finish stronger than how it started.


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Awesome JT. You have many gifts, skills, and much talent. I think you have found another calling for yourself and another way to help people. Mahalo nui for sharing and continuing to inspire.

Math and I have had a strained relationship since the beginning! Hearing your story inspires me to look at math differently. I sure wish I had someone like you in my corner when I was younger! Your calling is so very needed! Praying for more opportunities to help the Jez generation reach their full God given potential! A

Thank you for this inspirational and uplifting story brother. Keep up the amazing work mighty man!! Love you mighty brother in Christ.

GREAT read!! Thank you for sharing, it’s amazing to see how much you inspire others! Keep teaching!

I really enjoyed reading this! Thank you for sharing your story. A story where we can relate from whether learn or taught on a business or personal level. I’m glad that your student successfully improved on his/her grades by your way of teaching, which had also taught you something along the way. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Kudos!!!

I was never good at math and/or science. This is an inspiring article to read !

I am not good at math myself, but I can relate to what u said math teaches u patience and humanity. Everything we do in life takes patience and a mindful commitment in a timely matters. I'm glad u took the time to help that student to improve. Thanks for sharing ur story.

You need to put an enrollment button here.

Very good article. I'm not good at math, but I'm glad that my friend Jason is, so congratulations for everything you do.

sSharing your love of Math and teaching others how to be successful is a wonderful thing!

Being a winner in one area of our lives, such as math, can trigger a dominoes affect setting us up for more and more greater successes!

Bravo Jason Tom! Proud of you my brother in Christ! When you do what you love and love what you do...you'll never have to work. Because you are blessed to fulfill your dreams and passion.

God's continued blessings on you on this journey.




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