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What Would We Do On Our First Date?

I want to thank those of you who are reading, commenting and responding to my first post of my new blog series, "The Bachelorette."

In fact Sheryl commented, "Great blog post! Awesome way to put yourself out there. What other things do you enjoy outside of beatboxing and being a mathematician? Maybe talk about what you'd do on a first date. Perhaps some interesting fun facts about you. I think the single ladies out there would love to know more about the Jason Tom outside of his career :)"

​This post here is in response to Sheryl's comment. Single ladies and bachelorettes reading this, leave blog comments on what you would like for us to do on our first date? If not with me, then someone you'd be interested in. Please feel free to have fun with this. If you don't know, then let me know what you think of my idea of what I would consider doing with someone on my first date with her.

To answer one of Sheryl's questions, here is what I enjoy outside of beatboxing and mathematics.... also little known facts.
1. I love to shop.
​2. I enjoy food. You'll find me at eateries. I am not a picky eater. I eat everything as long as it's edible and delicious.
​3. I love to read. You may find me shopping in a bookstore.
​4. I love to exercise. My favorite is cardio. I love walking, because it maintains my sharpness, core and wit. I have great endurance for running.
​5. I love to converse with individuals of all walks of life from all over the world.
​6. I love people.
7. I enjoy attending live events, festivals, concerts, and productions.
​8. I love to write.. thus I will make it a point to blog consistent content to express my ideas, thoughts and nuggets to the world.
​9. I love listening to CDs such as teachings by pastors, praise and worship music, you name it.
​10. I have on rotation CD teachings by Art Sepulveda, Mike Kai, Kuna Sepulveda, and Joel Osteen.
11. My favorite radio station is K-Love Radio.. praise and worship music. I've slept to K-Love radio.
​12. Little known fact, I've not once owned a smart device. That enables me to be efficient, productive and fruitful in my life.
​13. I've considered joining the Armed Forces.. specifically Air Force. Air Force appeals me most. Currently I have that desire on hold as I have professional commitments to fulfill.
​14. I've been asked by women that since I am a beatboxer if I am a good kisser. I said, "yes, I love to kiss."
​15. Last person I've kissed was on this past Valentine's Day. I have to say, she was a memorable kisser. Major plus.
​16. I am well traveled.
​17. I am well read.
​18. I am an advocate of a drug free lifestyle. I believe in compassion, empathy and supporting with love for addicts who seek care and help.
​19. I am an advocate of an alcohol free lifestyle. I believe in compassion, empathy and supporting with love for addicts who seek care and help.
​20. I am an advocate of a tobacco free lifestyle. I believe in compassion, empathy and supporting with love for addicts who seek care and help.
​21. I will be real with you, the smell of marijuana by itself even second hand is a major turn off for me. Not the person, but the drug itself. It does reeks to me. To each their own. I believe in compassion, empathy and supporting with love for addicts who seek care and help.
​22. I am not a prude. I'm just an oddity and a freak of nature. I've been pruned by Father God though. Who that is walking with God hasn't?
​23. I am very experienced in life. Few things surprise me.
24. I was not born yesterday. I've seen and experienced a lot yet there is a lot I've not experienced in life that I look forward to such as God's best in my life.
25. I enjoy romantic comedies and movies based on a true story. I do not care for horror films.
​26. I don't celebrate or participate in Halloween festivities.
​27. I am street smart and book smart. Great combination.

What would we do on our first date?
​1. I would eat out with you. Because who does not love food? C'mon now. I would love to know where you enjoy eating too.
​2. I would shop with you... I want to know where you love to shop. If you love to shop, I already know you will be a fun person to be with.
​3. We'll head on over to a bookstore, I want to know what type of books interest you. I'll show you my interests as well.
4. If you're up for a game, we can play a fashion stylist game where I dress you up from head to toe. You go in the dressing room and try the pieces on. The object is we can laugh during this game.
​5. Then your turn. Main thing is we have fun with it.
​6. We grab Mr. Tea, Jamba Juice and or Honolulu Coffee Company. Sit down and have a conversation to get to know one another. I want to know who you are as a person. Your personality. Your interests, goals and dreams for your future.
7. We go for dessert, ice cream, gelato. Who does not love dessert? C'mon somebody.
​8. Gosh, just for fun, I may just do a personal song concert just for you.
​9. Shucks, if chemistry is there, we may just kiss on our first date. I will not front, first kisses has happened on my initial and first meetings when the chemistry is just right. Chemistry though has to be there. Otherwise, no can do.

Here is a book in the parenting section that piqued my interest immediately, "13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don't Do" by Amy Morin. She's the author of the international bestseller, "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do." Books are wonderful resources. And no, I am not with a spouse and I have no children. I am not a parent. This is intended for preparation purposes. It's really for me to raise the bar for myself as a person who is sowing to be a great partner to raise a family with my potential spouse, for me to be a great father and parent. It's never too early to grow, mature and evolve in our character.

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God loves you too. His love for everyone of us is unconditional love. In math is limiteless.


Thank you so much for the shout-out for my book 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don't Do! I'm thrilled you stumbled upon it.


I would like to walk with you in a park, eating some delicious ice cream and talk about everything we have in mind in that moment. It will be a nice date.


First we would sit down at Starbucks and just get to know each other. Then we will take a walk because I like to walk and so do you. We’ll grab a bite to eat and talk some more. Then we’ll go shopping. If I get a second date, I’ll cook you dinner and for dessert we’ll have chocolate ice cream. :)


1) Our first date would be sitting down and be chatting with each other. Getting to know you more.
2).Eat out
3) Shopping
4) Walk me home.


Wow, what a great informative post. After reading this I'd say a good first date would be... To go on a early hike. And if the company is good and worth more time then explore the eating.

If it leads to a second date a true story movie and make it a her choice for the movie. Jason I believe you're a great and she will be lucky to have you.


I think that the first date should focus on getting to know each other as friends so it should involve doing something like dinner, going out for a walk either at a botanical garden or beach ( but choose a spot only locals would know about because it is noisy and over populated in tourist attraction areas) or just going out to a local cafe for drinks and dessert. My first date with my husband was going out to the park for a romantic sunset walk ... loved it ... and cost efficient for a guy since you only pay for the gas to get there ...


Good post:) As your friend, I hope for you that a girl who is crushing on you reads this and gets brave/inspired enough to approach you for a date:) I agree with you on Getting Food and ice cream! That is one of my favorite things to do on my dates too! ;) lol When it's the summertime, change it from ice cream to SHAVE ICE