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Former soccer forward, and judo champion Jason Tom is a sought after American Mom and Pops pro beatboxer, blogger, engaging speaker, and math coach.

To date, this bachelor is an ear- and web page-turner who perpetuates the art of vocal percussion to 5.6 million families, companies, and households.

It was Charlie and Lucy Wedemeyer's story that moved Jason, and when they signed his copy of Charlie's Victory that launched him to flip the script over his life, and be a significant example in this world on what it means to not give up, no matter what.

At an early age, Jason was vocally compelled to sing the snare of a drum, and the bass of a synthesizer. Today, he vocally sings the didgeridoo by fusing beatboxing, and Genghis Blues-inspired Tuvan throat singing. Jason's unique contribution to "Billie Jean" in the entertainment world is the non-looping simultaneous live "Rhythm and Moves" fusion of beatboxing, singing, and moonwalk dance.

What you hear from Jason's beatbox sound was spawned from his upbringing in urban Honolulu, and his early childhood years in East Bay California.

As we go through a time machine capsule to 1989, Jason Tom's amateur beatbox days began at age six while Ronald Regan completed his second term as the 40th president of the United States of America. It took place at his parents' master bedroom turned into a make shift music studio with his music cassette recorder in the concrete jungle of Downtown Honolulu.

Jason music cassette recorded his beatboxing by memory of Michael Jackson "Bad" after he watched the Moonwalker VHS at Liholiho Elementary, and at family gatherings. He was inspired by the raw urban culture and New York Subway scenes in "Bad," "Badder," and Weird Al Yankovic's "Fat."

Fast forward in time to 2004, Jason's professsional beatbox days began at age 21 when he enrolled at the University of Hawaiʻi at Kapiʻolani as soon as he became conscious with a concussion at Queen's Medical Center from a traumatic collision with a SUV. A combination of his instinctive judo sprawl, shout and side fall, driver that rendered help and her prayer, and that ambulance team ultimately saved his life.


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