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Jason Tom is from another planet. He is the Michael Jordan of beatboxing.”

— Allan Silva

Music Artist Jason Tom Bio: More Than Meets the Eye

Could Jason Tom be Hawaii’s First Beatbox Star?

“Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Jason Tom the Human Beatbox!”

Jason Tom is an idea worth spreading like peanut butter and jelly.

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Jason Tom, also known as 譚志豪, is an American Born Chinese “Human Beatbox.” He has presented the art of vocal percussion at TEDx Talks, KS EdTech and ReThink conferences; and on the Music With A Message, Say Yes to Purpose, Not Even Once, and RAP: Real And Powerful school tours. Jason Tom is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Harvard University hip hop archives. He is a multilingual born again Christian and fifth-generation Asian Pacific American.

Jason Tom began beatboxing Michael Jackson “Bad” at the tender age of four on August 31st, 1987. Hawaii Beatbox pioneers Radical Rob Onokea, Gizmo, Re-Run and Joevon Brown paved the way for him. His sister audio engineered his 1989 music cassette recording of him beatboxing Michael Jackson “Bad.”

“Jason Tom is from another planet. He is the Michael Jordan of beatboxing.”

He is named NFL’s Most Optimistic Detroit Lions Fan, McDonald’s NextNext Top 3 Hawaii Music Artist, Hawaii Scene Choice Award’s Best Performer, Honolulu Weekly’s Local Musician Deserving a Wider Audience, and Hawaii’s King of Beatbox.

By age 21, a vehicle collided with him. Driver rendered help and prayed for him. It’s a “miracle” he survived the impact. The next day, he was taken to see Mel Gibson’s the Passion of the Christ. That changed the trajectory of his life and career. He re-dedicated his life to- and faith in- God on October 24, 2008.

“Jason Tom's rendition of Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' is a spectacle of showmanship. From the first drum and snare beats, the song is recognizable, and you wonder how so many sounds could be coming from one person's mouth. Add to this Jason Tom's signature Michael Jackson moves, from the hip thrust to the hand jive. He glides across the floor in a smooth moonwalk.”

Jason Tom has starred in the “American Beatboxer” film, that has been screened in over 20 film festivals. He has appeared on Dear Future Grandkids Podcast, the Roar: Motor City Sports Radio Talk Show, Unscripted Talk Story, Hi*Sessions Acoustic Live, Da Best Hawaii, Team Lally Radio Talk Show, Art + Flea TV: Do What You Love Series, Beatbox Battle TV, 93.9 the Beat’s Sam and Ryan Show, RAW artists, Street Grindz TV, the Art of Life, Not Another Puppet Show, Shaka Talk, and more. Jason Tom has starred in the productions for Breathe, Prisma Dance: Creation, Gear Up Hawaii’s Take Charge of Your Future, Gear Up Hawaii’s College is For Everyone, Ong King: Hip-Hopalypse, William Shakespeare Festival’s Femme Capulet, Puja Dance Concert’s Love Letters; and Puja Dance Concert’s Fantastic Voyage.

He has opened shows for Michael Winslow, Reeps One, Verbalase, Blue Scholars, Bambu, the Jabbawockeez, and Quest Crew, and has collaborated live with Tom Thum, Jake Shimabukuro, Imua Garza, Taimane Gardner, and Makana.

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