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Human Beatbox of Hawaiʻi Nei Documentary

Human Beatbox of Hawaii Nei Documentary
Mr. Jason Tom the Human Beatbox of Hawai'i Nei Documentary

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Meet Black Rhythm

Black Rhythm TED Talk Black Rhythm TED Talk

Black Rhythm is one of my understudies... he's a wonderful human beatb…

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My Female Beatbox Mentor

Elaine FinnellElaine Finnell (formerly known as Elaine Chao) is one of my earliest beatbo…

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National Beatbox Day

June 10, 2016 is "National Beatbox Day" in honor to the creators and cont…

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This Thursday at Hawaiian Brian’s!! The Grand Slam FINALS & 13th Anniversary... April 7th, 2016!!

It's on!!! The BIG SHOW is this Thursday (April 7th -- the Grand Slam FINAL…

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