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McDonalds NextNext Hawaii Music Winners

McDonald's NextNext Campaign Case Study

This same time last year th…

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Amp Speaker Hunting

Jason Tom performed live beatboxing for American veterans at US Vets B…

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What Would We Do On Our First Date?

I want to thank those of you who are reading, commenting and responding…

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To The Bachelorette

To the bachelorette out there, seek, find, get to know, and marry the b…

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HI*Sessions Photo Tease

I recently filmed on location my HI*Sessions episodes at the Koʻolau Ba…

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First Inaugural Rock The School Bells Hawaii Conference

The next day after I performed at US Vets at Barber's Point Kapolei wit…

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Moonwalk At Moon Festival on the Chinatown Cultural Plaza Moongate Stage

I dedicated this set to my father who passed on this Father's Day for t…

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