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Blog posts February 2018 Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

 Jason Tom Dot Com Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary Jason Tom Waikiki Performance

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Friday, February 2nd, 2018, marked my of…

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How I Overcame Illiteracy

Happy Valentine's Day to You and Yours! I also wrote and published this…

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Be My Valentine

Hi Bachelorette, be my Valentine. Bachelorette, what are you doing this Val…

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Fantastic Four Life Group

We are the Fantastic Four! I had a great time facilitating and leading our …

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Prayer And Team Lally Promo

My Life Group men are faithful to God, their family, our church, and is fai…

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Special Guest Jason Tom On Team Lally Radio Show

Tune in this weekend with special guest Jason Tom on the Team Lally Radio…

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We Do Life Together

We do life together at our Word of Life Men's Life Group.

Jesus said…

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Your Favorite Beatboxer

Jason Tom here and I want to know who your favorite beatboxer is. It can be…

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