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How is your summer?

I'm on summer vacation now that school is out, and I saw the Incredible Hulk with Ellice this past Friday. We ate at Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks prior to that and here is my endorsement: (click to open in a new window)

At the theatre a McDonalds commercial played prior to the movie previews that featured two beatboxers. One of which was Bay Area beatboxer Eachbox who co-produces the Vowel Movement, but I'm not sure who the other beatboxer is. If anyone know, let me know too! On another related note I saw this from surfing a about the Vowel Movement:

The 2008 West Coast Beat Boxing Championships
the 2008 West Coast Open Beatboxing Championships

Presented by The Vowel Movement and Speak the Music

You don't want to miss this head-to-head competition, where the best beat boxers on the West Coast square off in a battle of skills to determine who will take home the $250 grand prize, and the title of West Coast Beat Boxing Champion for 2008!

Featuring incredible performances by our contest judges: Kid Beyond, Butterscotch (America's Got Talent), and Solati & Infinite (Felonious)!

June 21, 2008
Doors at 8pm

1370 San Pablo Ave
Berkeley, CA
(510) 525-5054

$15 general admission
Buy tickets:
Want to compete? Email:

That's this Saturday, and I've considered booking a flight to compete. However, I've finally decided that if I were to go back to the Bay Area, I would prefer for a longer period of stay since I don't want to miss either Kaba Modern at the 50th State Fair or Janel's upcoming graduation party. Other than all that, I also want to catch HellBoy II: The Golden Army.

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