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Human Beatbox workshops @ Diverse Art Center

"Jason Tom is intent on helping to transform beatboxing from a novelty to a respectable art form. Along with putting on beatboxing workshops and performances at local high schools, he plans to organize a gathering for local beatboxers or anyone interested in learning the craft." -Tracy Chan
Honolulu Advertiser - TGIF - Metromix (cover story)
Originally published for print: October 2-8, 2009

Human Beatbox (Vocal Percussion) workshops at Diverse Art Center (1024 Queen St.) facilitated by Jason Tom
- Monday 5:30-6:30pm*

- Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm*

- Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm*

*: days and hours are tentative to change. More days and hours are tentative to be added.

Diverse Art Center's Vision:

1. Providing the youth of Hawaii with an alternative outlet of expression while awakening new interest and building self-esteem.

2. Promoting the desire & development of artistic creativity.

3. Pursuing a respectable & cohesive relationship youth and community.

Diverse Art Center's mission:
To nurture the development of self-expression with an emphasis on character. Diverse Art Center staff and volunteers believe that creative growth and character development is built and refined through trust, respect, integrity and excellence. We ask that all Diverse Art family and participants TRIE.

T: Trust your instructor and yourself

R: Respect others and their property

I: Integrity when no one is looking

E: Excellence in deed and communication

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