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Jason Tom TEDxHNL

This TEDTalks' video was filmed on February 2003 (though posted on October 2008), filmed more than a year before I started performing as a beatboxer. Now when I watch it again I find it to be inspiring hearing his snares, vocal turntable techniques, and style. He is quite original.

On May 14, 2009 my general manager sent me this video of James "AudioPoet" Burchfield. Prior to that I googled "beatbox poet" since I find myself mostly connected with the Hawaiʻi poetry scene (as opposed to the Hawaiʻi hip-hop scene) as a beatboxer, and that same vid popped up. My first impression was that it reminded me of a similar setting of a performance I did on February 9, 2009 as a guest artist for a UH Manoa speech class. I even had the same mic set up.

Reason I bring up about this TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) video in length is I received a call to "beatbox" at an invite only TEDxHonolulu (TEDxHNL) event at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center this Thursday, November 5. Once booking was confirmed I notified my general manager and booking agent to keep them in the loop. At that time I didn't make the connection with TEDTalks, TED, and TEDx until I noticed my general manager's enthusiastic reaction. Then it hit me why all of it seemed familiar from the get go. I looked up "beatbox" on TED, and sure enough that "AudioPoet" video popped up. I'm stoked.

Mahalo goes out to the organizers and sponsors of TEDxHNL. A big shout also goes out to Traci Toguchi.

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