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Makana and Jason Tom: amazing turnout!

This past Art After Dark "Hawai`i Ink" event on August 29th, 2008 at the Honolulu Academy of Arts featured Hawaiian slack key guitar master Makana. This event had an amazing turnout, especially those who came to see Makana, and I rock it out. People stood, and even sat on beach mats layering the wet grass from earlier poured rain just to experience the evening with us on that Central Court stage. MELE were also on hand to document my live moment with Makana as part of a reality series project starring MELE students.

Supporters came out in the bunches, and called out to me as I stood waiting in the wings ready to perform. That night also featured a stellar line up of Manu, The Resophonics, Kealoha, Indai, Halau Mohala `Ilima, and DJ Hi-Lo.

RumFire Waikiki with Makana: our live rehearsal

Human drum machine Jason Tom and Hawaiian slack key master Makana at RumFire Waikiki.

Prior to August 2008's Art After Dark I performed with Makana, Lopaka, and Lono at RumFire in the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel two weeks in a row in preperation for this big event, and that generated a RumFire buzz. It was magic!

Honolulu Academy of Arts with Makana: our live set
After performing my set with Makana for Art After Dark, my supporters swarmed me with love off stage. My former math instructor Mark (who was in a music band at one point) said, "it was awesome!" He loved how I faded out in parts, and came back aggressively to generate great dynamics to the overall performance. Another campus friend Mario said that he sees an "up and coming" in me as an entertainer. Lani said that she was glad to see her two of her favorite performers live on stage together. Ellice Island's camera got its batterly life zapped out ofrom the performance. Oh yeah, and to top it off it was also Michael Jackson's 50th birthday!

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