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Word of Life Emerge and ISA LA 09

I performed for Emergeʻs "5 Minutes of Fame" event at the Word of Life Christian Center (WOLCC) this past Friday, and I had a good time. Of my 5 years of live beatbox performing experience I personally consider WOLCC to have the best live sound system and stage on the island.

I performed...

- Romans 12:2 (a scripture from the Holy Bible NIV)
- Billie Jean by Michael Jackson (with the dance intro, vocals, and the moonwalk)
- Listen Carefully by Jason Tom (one of my originals with vocals)
- then I capped it off with an idea I worked on that same morning just to experiment live for the first time as an outro


Since Iʻm currently very limited to my Internet access I might as well post up whatʻs coming up now on this blog...


1. Iʻll be filming for a half-hour local TV interview (that will air tentatively from mid October to mid November) for Oleloʻs Shaka Talk.


2. Then Iʻm flying out to Los Angeles for the "SOLD-OUT" ISA 09 LA Concert. The concert will feature Wong Fu Productions, Far East Movement, Quest Dance Crew, David Choi, Kina Grannis, Bruno Mars, GLP, Kevjumba with Tom Ngo and Lydia Paek hosting presented by JCPenney. I personally canʻt wait to see the Far East Movement LIVE again!

^--- In the video as well as the photo shown above Iʻm sporting a white "We Are the ABCrew" Subcrew cap representing Jin the MC. The photo is of MC Jin and I taken after the "SOLD-OUT" ISA SF 09 concert, and Jin was the headliner. It was an honor to meet Jin and also the Far East Movement (who produced Jinʻs ABC - his first Cantonese album)!

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