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Hawaii's Human Beatbox History

In 1982, the fifth element of hip hop culture called "human beatbox" …

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3rd Annual Hawaii Explorations Expo


Join us for the 3rd Annual Hawaii Explorations Expo (HE`E) promot…

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Jason Tom is HawaiiSlam's First Thursdays 16th Anniversary Grand Slam Finalist

Jason Tom is HawaiiSlam's First Thursdays 16th Anniversary Grand Slam Final…

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HawaiiSlam’s 16th Anniversary And Grand Slam FINALS

The best First Thursdays show of the year is almost here!! We've gotl the 2…

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KCC Alumnus Jason Tom


"We grow the most, and we mature the most through our despair, …

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KS EdTech Disrupt

Mark your calendars and register for KS ED TECH: DISRUPT. Education Technol…

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Kelly And Ryan's Rap Battle

​Live with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest "drop the mic" hosted by Hailey

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TED-Ed Student Talks

TED-EdHI - Student Talks
Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 10:00 am
Hālau ʻ…

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Devoted Women's Event

​Devoted Women's Event Celebrating Mothers, Daughters and Friends!

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Power In Prayer

There is power in prayer. Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer, which t…

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Encounter Celebration

Encounter weekend and encounter celebration at Word of Life Christian Cente…

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What Is Your Calling?

Do we know what is our current career choice, path and journey? If not yet …

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Math Taught Me Patience

Math taught me patience and humility. Math taught me we can be perfected …

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Above And Beyond Strategy

Before I was a professional beatboxer, I was a professional student and…

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 Jason Tom Dot Com Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary Jason Tom Waikiki Performance

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Friday, February 2nd, 2018, marked my of…

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How I Overcame Illiteracy

Happy Valentine's Day to You and Yours! I also wrote and published this…

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Be My Valentine

Hi Bachelorette, be my Valentine. Bachelorette, what are you doing this Val…

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Fantastic Four Life Group

We are the Fantastic Four! I had a great time facilitating and leading our …

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Prayer And Team Lally Promo

My Life Group men are faithful to God, their family, our church, and is fai…

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