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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve to You And Yours!

White Dove in Full Flight by photographer Dorian Stretton

Merry Christmas Eve! I am grateful to Father God for blessing our family with my faithful mother and older sister. Also to my late father, who passed on this year on Father's Day to be with the Lord.

Six years ago, I prayed a personal prayer on behalf of our family unto the Lord. I thanked Father God in advance for His faithfulness to watch over His Word to establish it.

Mom, because of your faith, even the size of a mustard seed, you sowed into the lives of our family, my sister and I, and how you brought us to church. Though I fell asleep half the time during services, I vividly recall how my sister sung hymns unto the Lord and how she demonstrated love unto God. Thank you mother for not giving up on us. Thank you mother for teaching me to love God! I love you Mom.

Sister, I want to thank you for sowing into my life. How you demonstrated by your measure of faith even when I made fun of you for attending Word of Life. How foolish was I? And exactly one day after my car accident how you took us to go see the Passion of the Christ film shown in the movie theatre. It was a miracle I survived. Today, that film is one of my favorites of all time. Thank you sister for not giving up on me and showing me how to love God, family and people. I love you sister.

Dad, though you are no longer with our family here on earth and you are now with the Lord in heaven. I thank you for receiving Jesus when I said to you, "Jesus loves you," and you smiled. I want to thank you for receiving me as your son when I prayed and fasted on the behalf of our family, and you accepted my invitation to come to church with Mom and I. We never gave up on you Dad. You taught me to love math and reading. We love you Dad.

Father God, I want to thank you for your son Jesus Christ. And Jesus, I want to thank you for gifting us salvation and the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, thank you for producing your fruits of the spirit in my life. Thank you for counseling me, teaching me, molding and shaping my character in Christ Jesus to be the man of God and valor you've destined me to be. I love you God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Thank You for loving us. Your Beloved, Jason

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