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Threefold Ministry

How we carry ourselves is a matter of our character. I just came off from a deep phone conversation with my dear friend and a great mentor. Offline, I have also been journaling about how I am carrying myself today as a man. It is an issue of my heart that I am manning up and wanting to take ownership of and work to establish. I am intentional with Father God to work on these areas in my life. God knows that for me if any of it is not of standard then I deem it unacceptable for me. If it's not of God's standard, it's good news that there is room for me to grow and mature, because none of us living today, have arrived. It is threefold....

1. Career: How I carry myself on and off stage.
2. Place of Worship: How I carry and conduct myself at church and outside of it.
3. Home and the start of our ministry: How I conduct and carry myself in my own household and outside of it.

Daily, I ask myself how I can continue to work on these....
1. How is my relationship with Father God, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit?
2. How is my relationship with myself, my family, friends, neighbors, and people in my field?
​3. How is my relationship with you in mind?

Visiting Pastor Jason Lazona shared at the Men's Conference: Men of Conquest: Strength & Honor at Word of Life that in ministry, I am paraphrasing what he spoke on, that for him ministry does not start speaking on the pulpit and at church. And that as a husband and father, that ministry starts in his own household. And Pastor Jason said that for us all, our ministry does not start at our church, but it starts in our own homes. He mentioned that his children not only see him at church, but also outside of it at home. His message resonates with me and the men who attended that Men's Conference and it is a message I personally needed to hear to remind me of what for me I want to, must do, and I am willing to establish.

As I wrote this post, I am listening to "Here As In Heaven" by Elevation Worship.

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