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We Do Life Together

We do life together at our Word of Life Men's Life Group.

Jesus said, ​"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them (Matthew 18:29 King James Version)."

​My fellowship Life Group brother in faith Nate and I ran into Brian Smith the University of Hawaii at Manoa Football Warrior assistant coach.

​Then we ran into Nate's old friend Mark and we invited him to join us for our Life Group fellowship activity post our Life Group.

​Great game Rhianne Omori of Maryknoll Spartans Girls Varsity Basketball. Rhianne, you did a tremendous job and set up great plays. Made great shots too. Loved every second of catching you live in action at tonight's Hawaii state championship final against the Konowaena Wildcats. Amazing! Keep your head up high... that final will make you stronger. You're an incredible person, not just as an athlete, as an individual with great character. Much success and an abundance of blessings to you.

​Myself, Mark and I at our post Life Group fellowship activity in support of Maryknoll Spartans' Rhianne Omori and her team against Konowaena Wildcats. It was an amazing night of state championship girls varsity basketball at the Blaisdell Center. I'm glad I caught this game. Incredible and a blessing spending quality time with theses mighty men of honor and strength. Again, great job tonight Rhianne Omori!


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