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Your Favorite Beatboxer

Jason Tom here and I want to know who your favorite beatboxer is. It can be beatboxers that have inspired, moved and influenced you in one way or another. You can list as many as you'd like in the blog comments section of this post. Scroll to the bottom to comment.

​For those who don't know me, my name is Jason Tom and I've been seen and heard on Millennial Magazine, Hi Session Musicians, TEDx Talks, Beatbox Battle Television, Art + Flea TV, and Kapiʻo News. My official website is reaching 2.1 million unique individuals and households throughout our world. I am the founder of the Human Beatbox Academy curriculum. Some of my accolades include being a three-time HawaiiSlam First Thursdays top 12 performance poet as a beatboxer, the Best Solo Performer Hawaii Scene Choice Award recipient and the ​Best Hawaii Musician Deserving of a Wider Audience for Best of Honolulu Weekly. I have compiled this list of those within the vocal music and beatboxing realm that I have influenced and have inspired me musically, personally and professionally.

Here is my list of beatboxers I've been inspired by and influenced by.

​Michael Jackson the King of Pop, Rock And Soul

Bobby McFerrin
​Don't Worry, Be Happy
​Spontaneous Inventions

​Michael Winslow the Man of 10,000 Sound Effects.
Featured in the Police Academy and Spaceballs films.
Geico commercial.

​Darren Robinson also known as Buffy of the Fat Boys

​Doug E. Fresh the World's Greatest Entertainer

Godfather of Noyze
formerly of The Roots
If Your Mother Only Knew
Iron Man
All I Know
​Make The Music 2000

​Kenny Muhammad the Human Orchestra

​Elaine Chao and her feature on Showtime at the Apollo
Got Spit?

​Bee Low
Beatbox Battle TV and Beatbox Battle World Championship founder

Beatbox Battle World Champion - 1st Place Runner-Up

First Female Beatbox Battle World Champion

Japan's Human Beatbox

​Tom Thum
Beatbox Battle World Team Champion
TEDx Sydney

​Naturally 7

2x UK Beatbox Champion

Beatbox Battle World Champion

World Beatbox Camp founder
Emperor of Mic Champion
2x Grand Beatbox Battle Champion

2x Canadian Beatbox Champion
2x South Korea Beatbox Champion

​Reeps One
2x UK Beatbox Champion

3x UK Beatbox Champion
Emperor of Mic Champion
Grand Beatbox Battle Champion

World Beatbox Battle Champion

​The Beatbox House

​Zhang Ze
3x China Beatbox Champion
the Voice of China

In the Hawaii music scene:

​Biggie Gz
Human Beatbox Academy
Philippines Beatbox Champion

​Mighty Noa
Human Beatbox Academy and 808 BeatVox
​Washington Middle School Talent Show - 2nd Place
Kaimuki High School Beatbox Champion.

Eli So Fly
Human Beatbox Academy and 808 BeatVox.
Monalua Middle School Beatbox Champion
Moanalua High School Beatbox Champion
​Hawaii Beatbox Battle Champion (under 18 division)
Brown Bags to Stardom Beatbox Champion.

​Diamond Inouye aka Hammah
Moanalua High School Beatbox Champion.

​Krissy aka Yogibeats
Human Beatbox Academy

​Rease Dabeats (Mid-Pacific Institute Middle School Beatbox Champion) and Jordan
Human Beatbox Academy

​Rad FX
​Human Beatbox Academy

​Klimaxe, Human Beatbox Academy
Hawaii Beatbox Battle Champion (under 18 division) - 1st Place Runner-Up

​Rampage, Kayden and Joe of Human Beatbox Academy


​Beatbox Mike

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