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Above And Beyond Strategy

Before I was a professional beatboxer, I was a professional student and math coach. Still am today. I still study, research, develop, and read daily, and I still coach students on their academic journey today in mathematics, algebra, statistics, sociology, and then some. On top of that, I still teach beatboxing today. I am not limited in my career. I thrive in equipping myself and others to be at our best. As an academic coach, I am also a team player. The principles I coach students today are the principles I attribute to my years as a former judo athlete that I applied into the classroom setting as a former professional student, math mentor and scholar. These specific principles in judo was pivotal in transforming me from being a silver and bronze medalist into a gold medalist. My judo fighting career was short lived as I discovered my passion pointed another direction with God, beatboxing and mathematics, but judo helped to steer me in the right path and direction of my life and career. Within the past year I've personally coached students with effective student strategies that reap a harvest of results.

As a former professional student, I recall first hand what it took for me to earn an A, B, C, D, and F. Practically the whole alphabet. That is my strongest advantage as an academic coach and tutor. Within the past year, I've personally coached students on applying effective student strategies. The students I've worked with within the past year earned 80%, 99%, 100%, and higher on their assignments, quizzes and exams. Each of the students progressed and improved in his and her overall grade. I've helped students improve even in classes I have not personally taken ever before. One student working on her university bachelors earned her highest EXAM score to date for statistics in her second term taking a statistics class. She's off to a great start as I've empowered her with effective tips, strategies, and assisted her with exercises for her assignments. That student is currently earning a 96% in sociology. That is an improvement from her earning a C in a previous sociology class before I worked with this student. This student also got a 200% on her sociology class EXTRA CREDIT paper. When I work with students I don't suggest they settle for a C, and that they do not follow the D and F student strategy, which I can be keen on describing thoroughly as well as a former student. Because that C strategy is being complacent on not a high enough goal to accomplish. The D and F plan, I know to steer them clear of.

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