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Freelance Fam and Tom Thum

Spent quality time and enjoyed a meal together with the Freelance Fam Duke and Kiki King! We've believed in each other since the first time we met and have really grown together. We went through so much together, and we're a team! Words alone cannot express my level of gratitude for all the years of growing with the Freelance Fam!

I also received these "Jason Tom" handstyles by Tom Thum, fellow TEDx Talk beatboxer alumni. Not only is Tom Thum a world class beatboxer, but he also has talent in art and handstyles, bombing, and he was also a b-boy. My former beatbox students look up to him. I have tremendous respect for Tom Thum... I first took notice of him at the 1st Beatbox Battle World Championship in 2005... he was the first World Beatbox Tag Team Champion with Joel Turner. His partner Joel Turner also became the first World Champion beatboxer in the men's division. I also loved the fact that he performed Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" at the World Championships and also his TEDxSydney performance. His TEDx Talk video is currently the record holder of the most watched TEDx Talk with 46,841,045 views. Tom Thum and I collaborated live together with a freestyle beatbox performance in 2013.

"Jason Tom" handstyles by world class beatboxer Tom Thum:

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