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Happy 2011 to All

Happy 2011 to all!! It feels good to be Twenty-Eleven!

I've personally been waiting for 2011 for a long while now ever since I came back to Honolulu from NYC in September 2010. I often feel, now more than before, that time is behind and it needs to catch up. You ever felt or feel that way or is it just me?

How was your 2010? Have you reflected upon your reach of goals, dreams and aspirations in 2010?

Reflecting back: year 2010 was a productive one and I would title it the "Year of the Hustle." I worked against many odds and set backs. Set backs that could go on for days. But I'll blog just about one: I went without a working home computer for the majority of 2010. I adapted best I could to the limited net access (folks that know me know that I don't have a cell phone). I want to thank Andy for helping me get back on my feet. Set backs are just that, the good will inevitably outweigh the bad as long as a person or group of people keep on truckin'. I praise God for that, because faith goes a long way. Faith without works is dead. So if the works ain't there.. then it ain't faith.

Being consistently and genuinely positive, patient and optimistic works. Being consistently and genuinely cynical, negative, and pessimistic will inevitably weigh a person as well as others around him or her down. The latter is unhealthy and it's certainly no joy to be around.

I also did a lot of moving in 2010 and felt quite a nomad. I moved from Chinatown to Waikiki for a good period of time and then back. Then I flew and stayed in 6 different places in NYC (in parts of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Nyack), and that was an adventure (I will blog about that on later). I want to thank Mai, Carlos, Derick, Linda, Joe, Lorraine, Matt, Mike, and more!

Speaking of Waikiki I will be returning there to perform for the PIMPBOT Tour Fundie 2011 show on Saturday, January 8th, 2011 at the Waikiki Sandbox, 10PM, with Amarnha, Disaster Kit, DubPhylum, Sketchy, and Completely Insane. That's showcasing the most diverse line up in Waikiki.. ever. Tell a friend, mark your calendars, come out, and spread the word!

Hauʻoli makahiki hou,
Jason Tom

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