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Happy Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day Weekend to you Jason Tom blog reader! Yes you! I commend each of you that has found your labor of love so that you can purpose each day that is directed toward your endeavor and goal in life. Maybe, you are discovering what your labor of love is today and right at this moment. What is my labor of love you ask? Most definitely, my labor of love is my faith in God, beatboxing, and mathematics, without a shadow of a doubt, it is my biggest passion and deeper is the purpose that propels me to serve others. Beneath it all, it's family, ʻohana, my Word of Life family, the body of Christ brothers and sisters, aloha, compassion, empathy, understanding, and a sense of community. Also being an uncle to my niece.

Speaking of Labor of love, I want to thank Art Bridge Events for having artist Chanel Tanaka, Gary Draws Fish, myself, Komen Hawaii, Friends of the Library Hawaii, Darrell Imaginarian the Balloonist at the 6th Annual Pacific Ink & Arts Expo Kids Zone at the Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall and Pikake Room.

​Make Noise! Dom is inside the Pacific Ink & Art Expo.

​Human Beatbox Academy clinic at Kids Zone of the Pacific Ink & Art Expo

​Children dancing to the beatboxing of Jason Tom of the Human Beatbox Academy

​Jonathan does beatboxing with Jason Tom like a pro.

I will close this Labor Day Weekend blog post with this, that there is not a day since the passing of my father on this past Father's Day that I do not reflect upon my father and what he labored through and with his blood, sweat and tears to raise my sister and I with my mother before he took his very last breath and his heart beating his very last heartbeat. The same heartbeat that our own heart beats. Our father's father passed on while he was a child. Our father is the oldest of three to a younger brother and sister, preceded in passing by his younger brother, my late uncle, and they were all raised by my late grandmother. My late grandmother, also raised my first and second cousins, and my sister and I. To this day, although my grandmother passed on nearly 20 years ago, there is not a single day I do not reflect upon what she instilled in me. Self-discipline, her labor of love, character, respect, discipline, praise, honor, and work ethic. My father was a man of valor, honor, dignity, character, discipline, honesty, and integrity. My late grandmother and father were both amazing cooks. My father loved to read. My father stepped up to the plate of manhood to be the greatest father I could not have chosen and Father God blessed me with the perfect earthly father a son could ask for. He remained faithful to his marriage to my mother, my sister and I, through all his years of living. He raised my sister and I even when he and my mother did not have much. My father taught me how to appreciate art, disciplined me how to draw and he disciplined me with mathematics. I remember my father's genuine smile on the day as though it happened yesterday when I told my father, "Daddy, Jesus loves you." Then God answered my deepest and sincere prayer when I prayed and fasted and my father accepted my invitation to attend church with me, and my father said, "yes." Our father accomplished a miracle when he became the greatest grandfather to my niece. None were a small feat. My father survived through gunfire and warfare during the Chinese Civil War I, Chinese Civil War II and World War II. My late grandmother also lived during the time of World War I. On my father's side, I can trace my genealogical roots as far back as four generations of Hawaiʻi Chinese American ancestry. I love you Dad. I honor you Dad. I miss you Dad. I will not forget you at your best, because I am one of the accomplishments of your great labor of love. Your praying son, Jason


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