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Iolani School Boy Scouts

The number one fear in the world? Public speaking. Growing up on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu, I'd shake or freeze up from nervousness and shyness when speaking in front of class among my peers. Made me quite self-conscious. I preferred being in the audience and I feared having the spotlight. Fast forward to today, having performed live beatboxing music and having done public speaking engagements such as the first and second TEDx Talks in Honolulu and other engagements in hip-hop culture classrooms in universities and events through 13 years have compelled me to get out of my comfort zone to develop my current personality and today, I no longer get the jitters unless I stop practicing and training. Earlier tonight, I spoke publicly in front of Hawaii's 4th graders at Iolani School and you know you're a public speaker when you have a captive audience as young as 4th graders. Hey now!

I was a guest speaker for this Boy Scouts Den. They are so fun, and they repeatedly asked me to beatbox for them. They're awesome! Feedback I received is I kept them engaged. A parent mentioned she appreciated that I advocated education as a by product of the Freeman Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship Program offered through the University of Hawaii at Kapiolani Community College and Beijing Foreign Studies University, Mike Curb College MELE Program in Music Business and Audio Engineering partnership with Belmont University and Honolulu Community College. I also mentioned I did judo with the alias "Spider-Man" and how it saved my life. I also shared I trained with Iolani School alumnus, Hawaii High School Association State Wrestling Champion, Team USA Judo Beijing Olympian, and Hawaii Judo Academy founder Taylor Takata. Big mahalo to Word of Life's Associate Pastor and Author of "Compel" Wally Matanza, Patti, Isaiah, and the Iolani School Boy Scouts Den of 4th graders for having me in this public speaking engagement! I hope to see you again soon!

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