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New Creation In Christ

Here is my testimony about my personal Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. In 2008, my friend Janel invited me to a conference at the Waikiki Shell featuring the Katinas. God spoke to me during this conference and I did the salvation prayer with all my heart (he knocked on the door of my heart and I opened that door for him to come in).

Then my mentor John recommended that I pray to God to be planted at a home church. God heard my prayer and on Friday, October 24th, 2008 my friend Cherryanne invited me to Word of Life Hawaii (Pastor Art and Kuna Sepulveda) to enter the Emerge Talent Show (where I met my then Life Group Leader Jarmal) and Jim invited to facilitate a human beatbox workshop at Word of Life Academy (WOLA).

The night of the Emerge Talent Show I prayed to God, "I surrender to you. It's not about me, it's about you." I went in there not expecting to win and thinking the environment would be like my previous talent show experiences. When I saw the stage set up and everything.. I was blown away how beautiful the stage and sanctuary was. I got on stage and it was the best sound system I've experienced up to that point in time. When I performed the crowd was so loud that it seemed like people were on a roller coaster ride, it edified and encouraged my Spirit.

Then I heard the voice of God gently prompting me to do the moonwalk (I hesitated at first, because I did the moonwalk wrong before that night). I felt encouraged in the Spirit and the crowd loved it. Now watching this video (of my first time ever at Word of Life) I realized that wasn't just me performing on stage. It was the Holy Spirit that flowed through me and God encouraged me to keep up with beatboxing to beatbox for the Glory and Kingdom of God. He encouraged me by surprising me with a first place win at the Emerge Talent Show. I was in tears during prayer after the talent show, because I felt Jesus' presence (his Agape love).

I am humbled by his grace and mercy that he chose me and other believers in Christ Jesus to testify in his honor. My home church is still to this day Word of Life Christian Center, my Life Group Leader is Joseph (under G12 Leader Jonathan, who was also my Life Group Leader at one point recommended by Pastor Raj). I love you Jesus!

"Well I just turned 30 and that's when Jesus started His ministry." -MC Jin ("God Future" from the "Crazy Love Ridiculous Faith" LP)

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