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What Is Your Calling?

Do we know what is our current career choice, path and journey? If not yet actively engaging and pursuing a career, where do we find ourselves? Are we fulfilling the call in our lives today? Do we see ourselves committed to this this career path in 10 to 20 years. I personally love to reflect upon these important decisions and choices daily. One of the final request of my father was that he desired for me get onto that path of teaching mathematics. At that time prior to my father's passing... I tutored mathematics throughout our state and I stated to my father that I am doing just that. I also mentioned to him he'd be happy what I've accomplished up to that point in all aspects as a beatboxer as well. On the day my father passed on I tutored mathematics to a student. That was on Father's Day. Since that time, in honor of my father's memory and legacy, I looked into the steps I will determine to take to become a full time mathematics teacher during the 3rd Annual "It's Great To Be A Teacher" Conference. Within this week I visited my former academic counselor and we accessed my academic career though my transcripts at the University of Hawaiʻi at Kapiʻolani Community College, Beijing Foreign Studies University, and MELE Program through Honolulu Community College and Belmont University's Mike Curb College of Music Business And Entertainment. I looked through it on my own time and I said to myself, "wow, I did put in the work on the real." Speaking from experience, I know personally that me having earned a degree versus me not having a degree does make a tremendous difference. It's about having a finishing spirit. It's not how we start that is important. It is how we finish that is important. I am seeing and realizing that today and I do see the fruit of the seasons of plowing, sowing time, seed and harvest.

I wrote out my list of career aspirations and choices from childhood until now. Many I've actively pursued and others not, and ones I am actively engaging in. I have to say I've lived through amazing experiences in my career as a professional beatboxer, mathematician and blogger.

​- Comic Book Artist (published, wrote and drew countless homemade comic books)
- Soccer Athlete (leading goal scorer; Mr. Hustle Award Winner)
​- Judo Fighter (bronze, silver and gold medalist; known as Spider-Man)
​- Beatboxer (Hawaii's Human Beatbox, 3rd Place McDonald's NextNext Music Contest Winner, Best Perfomer Hawaii Scene Choice Award winner, Na Hoku Hanohano Award nominee, Best of Honolulu Weekl
y Local Musician Winner, motivational speaker, beatbox teacher, nominated top 150 professional beatboxer for Beatbox Battle World Championship)
​- Mathematician (Supplemental Instruction Leader, Mathematics Tutor...
motivational speaker, I do see that full time mathematics teaching is the call to settle)
​- Minister And Dispenser of the Gospel (Life Group Leader... people have shared that I should become a pastor,
motivational speaker)
​- Commander in Chief/President of the United States of America (I do not currentl
y see this as my calling)
​- Honolulu Fire Fighter/First
Responder (I do not currently see this as my calling)
​- Airman/Air Force of the United States Armed Forces (I took and passed two pr
e-ASVAB tests to qualify, do not currently see this as my calling)
​- Blogger/Writer/Author/Publisher ('s Music, Hip Hop And Faith Life Blog reaches 2.5 million page viewers and 2.3 million unique households,
motivational speaker)
​- Professional Student/Scholar (Beijing Foreign Studies Universit
y/Freeman Foundation Scholarship/Phi Theta Kappa Scholar, motivational speaker)
​- Son/Brother/Uncle/Cousin, etc.

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