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Music Business And Audio Engineering

I stopped by the Mike Curb College MELE Program offered through Belmont…

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My Heroes and Influences

Many of my heroes and influences are the people I grew up with and some are…

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Legend of Zelda Story at Hot Topic

Two years ago I met this trio Jennifer, Jeffrey and Charley at the …

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Thank You Inspire Youth

This was lit. I want to personally thank Inspire Youth's Pastor Clint C…

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Thank You Lord

Lord, I come boldly and humbly before your throne room of grace and mer…

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4th Beatbox Battle World Championship #BBBWC

Many of you became familiar with the "Jason Tom from Hawaii" Beatbox Ba…

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Human Beatbox of Hawaiʻi Nei Documentary

Human Beatbox of Hawaii Nei Documentary
Mr. Jason Tom the Human Beatbox of Hawai'i Nei Documentary

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Meet Black Rhythm

Black Rhythm TED Talk Black Rhythm TED Talk

Black Rhythm is one of my understudies... he's a wonderful human beatb…

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My Female Beatbox Mentor

Elaine FinnellElaine Finnell (formerly known as Elaine Chao) is one of my earliest beatbo…

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Freelance Fam and Tom Thum

Spent quality time and enjoyed a meal together with the Freelance Fam Duke …

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Miracles From Heaven

Based on a true story. I am grateful that two of my good female friends con…

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Mahalo Fresh Cafe

Hawaii's Human Beatbox Jason Tom performing for Trilogy II at Fresh Cafe …

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2015 Best Nine on Instagram

Celebrities such as Ellen DeGenerous, Beyonce and Taylor Swift recently gen…

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Jason Tom on Beatbox Battle TV

Jason Tom featured on Beatbox Battle TV:

Wonderful news! I brows…

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Year Of The Horse

This year's Chinese New Year Festival was a success. I want to thank ever…

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Freelance Brand Waikiki

Earlier this week I cruised with the Freelance Brand fam (shout out to mode…

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Hawaii Beatbox School

Jason Tom "Love Letters"

In 2004, Hawaii's human beatbox Jason Tom started…

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George Harrison - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps (George Harrison)"
instrumental music cover by…

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New Creation In Christ

Here is my testimony about my personal Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. In …

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What Influenced Me to Start Beatboxing

I get asked from time to time how I got influenced into what I do with the …

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