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Amp Speaker Hunting

Jason Tom performed live beatboxing for American veterans at US Vets Barber's Point Kapolei. Photo credit: Brian Bat

We've heard of job hunting, but what about amp speaker hunting? As mentioned in my new blog series called "The Bachelorette" I love to shop and I love to shop for music equipment, microphones, microphone cords, headphones, amplifiers, and speakers. Did you know that finding the right speaker and amplifier is one of the most frequently asked question by beatboxers from around the world? For those who don't know what beatboxing is and what a beatboxer does, a beatboxer is a person who vocally sings rhythm, melody and musical instruments purely with his or her human voice. Yes, we are also known as vocal percussionists and our musical art form has its origins in the jazz form of scat singing, Tuvan throat singing and a cappella. I chatted with my guitar playing friend who mentioned about finding the right amplifier for the right sound she was looking for. We agreed that for musicians to find the right sound equipment such as microphone, amplifier and PA system is like trying on shoes.

Angela Keen and Jason Tom at Shriners Hospitals For Children.

For me I shopped for an amplifier speaker that had not only portability, but it also carries a punch intended for rehearsal, clinics, and that it can be dubbed for intimate to bigger setting applications. For someone like myself shopping for an amplifier and speaker for the first time years ago I discovered first hand that when I tested the bass amp with beatboxing I found that it did not pick up my high notes, tones and octaves how I heard it. So when I tried beatboxing into the guitar amp, it did not pick up my low tones, notes and octaves how I heard it. Then I saw the Behringer keyboard amplifier at the music store and it hit me.. of all hand made instruments, the piano and keyboard have the widest range of notes and octaves. The piano is one of the first instruments I started playing around with and it's one of my favorite musical instruments. The keyboard is also a pivotal instrument to my progression in beatboxing as well. Thus the keyboard amplifier I figured would be ideal to compliment the human voice for beatboxing when I do clinics and live performances. I was sold and I purchased the Behringer keyboard amplifier. I still use the Behringer keyboard amplifier for my live music beatboxing performances, speaking engagements, and human beatbox clinics for intimate to bigger settings. It features four to eight microphone channels with XLR and 1/4" application, built-in phantom power for a condenser microphone, frequency equalizer, effects, input for CD and iPod application, input for headphone, and more. I am pleased with the Behringer keyboard amplifier, because it is consistent and reliable.

​Jason Tom Human Beatbox Clinic for Prisma Dance Summer Intensive Program. Video Credit: Nicole Lam

Jason Tom performed live beatboxing for patients at Shriners Hospitals for Children. Photo Credit: Nicole Lam

Prisma Dance and Jason Tom volunteering to spend quality time and brighten up the patients at Shriners Hospitals For Children.

Jason Tom performed live beatboxing for American veterans at US Vets Barber's Point Kapolei. Photo Credit: Brian Bat

Showcase segment of Jason Tom's speaking engagement at Chaminade University of Honolulu. Video Credit: Bo Tanaka

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