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ComMotion Concert

"Converging On King" support for Convergence Dance Theatre's new concert "ComMotion" on January 27th and 28th, 2018 at Paliku Theatre in Kaneohe. Circle those dates on your calendar and get the word out to your friends, neighborhood, social media, and family! Paliku Theatre is located at Windward Community College. Thank you Convergence Dance Theatre and Ong King Art Center for having me at "Converging On King!"

Jason Tom set at "Converging On King" to support "ComMotion."

Another note, just released is my episode 135 with HI Sessions Acoustic Live series. I dedicate this HI Sessions Episode 135 shoot in memory of my father, who left my family and I this year on Father's Day to be with the Lord. During this time last year was the last time my father spent with my family and I for one of our gatherings. I was challenged in preparation for this HI Sessiosn shoot, but I dug deep and said I will complete this shoot for my Dad. I love you Dad and there is not a day I do not think of you. There is not a day I do not miss you Dad. You can watch my HI Sessions Acoustive Live episode 135 on my blog here:
King of Pop Jam: Michael Jackson Medley
Child of the 80s
Tic Tac Toe
Pink Panther 

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