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Jason Tom on Shaka Talk episode 5

This Thursday night the 5th episode of Shaka Talk will have its television premiere on ‘Ōlelo 52 at 11:59PM. I believe a YouTube commercial of it is in the making as I type.

The 5th episode will feature a half-hour interview I did with show host Diar "D.R." Rhea and co-host Edna McMan. It's my first full length video/TV interview, and it was recorded before I left for Los Angeles. The Shaka Talk interview was fun to do. I want to thank Doug Upp (I've known Doug ever since I started performing LIVE back in 2004) for inviting me and of course all of his past & future guests on the show. Shaka Talk is about the guests that it features. I also want to thank Ty for his awesome work as well.

I know there are those of you out there who don't own a television or have the ‘Ōlelo 52 channel. You can also stream it live on A blog will launch 10 minutes before the show with the actual link of the live stream.

Christa Whittmier wrote an article for the Honolulu Weekly about Shaka Talk TV host and Shaka Zine publisher Doug Upp here:

Here's Doug Upp's Shaka Zine blog about episode 5:

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