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To The Bachelorette

To the bachelorette out there, seek, find, get to know, and marry the bachelor and man of valor who is a mathematician that loves the person of God, first and foremost. He also has to know how to moonwalk and beatbox.

He looks and sounds like this... watch and listen to the video below:

​Video Credit: Gale on the West Side

The bachelor in slow motion:

​Video Credit: Cyndy the Super Fan

Why a mathematician?
​1. He'll multiply with you.
2. He will not get flustered or frustrated by difficult problems, no matter how complex.
3. He is solution minded and in a relationship he is steadfast that the relationship is compatible and peaceful.
4. He will subtract the negative integer distraction.
5. He will add quality time into his productive schedule just to spend it with you.
6. He will not want to divide away his time of intimacy away from you to conquer.
7. He loves to multiply, you may also have a soccer team of children. Done deal! 
​8. Who needs a math teacher and tutor when you're with one? Your future kids will love math too.
9. He is consistent, a planner and he is an organized thinker.
​10. He exercises time management.

Why a Man of God? As long as he's the man of valor that God has called him to be...
​1. He'll humble himself to honor and love you.
​2. He will be faithful to you and his vows.
​3. He will not only serve God, he will surely serve you and others.
​4. He is prayerful. A man who prays is useful and helpful in a relationship.
​5. You know he will not forsake the gathering among brothers and sisters in faith and fellowship at church (the body of Christ Jesus).
​6. He listens and obeys the Holy Spirit, he will listen to you. You will be heard.

​Why a moonwalker?
​1. He will be able to back track his steps on any situation.
​2. He is flexible and nimble to keep the relationship on its toes.​

Why a beatboxer?
​1. He has personality, he expesses joy, love, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, peace, self-control.
​2. He will play thunder lips with you that will sparkle a bolt of lightning in your guys relationship.
​3. He will keep you happy with romance and laughter.
​4. He has an incredible ear. He will recall what is important to you as it matters to you.

The Bachelorette Blog Series written by Jason Tom the bachelor who loves Father God and is a mathematician who knows how to moonwalk and beatbox.

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