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Battle Of The Bands

From Thursday, June 2nd thru Saturday, July 9th at 4Play Nightclub (Aiea) & at Hawaiian Brian's Nemesis Productions presents 5 weeks of the 3rd Annual Battle Of The Bands. 3 weeks of 1st round battles, 1 week of 2nd round and then the final, where bands go toe to toe for a $1,000 cash prize and more from EMS Studios! is a proud sponsor of this year's BOTB along with Variant Films, EMS Studios, 4Play Nightclub, Hawaiian Brian's,, Honolulu Pulse, Montgomery Motors LTD., TM3 and more!

^---click the image or here for a video shot last week for a commercial airing soon.
Another video will be recorded for the final.

7pm! And All Ages!!!!!!*
Thu, June 2th at 4Play Nightclub (1st Round), 7PM, $5
Thu, June 9th at 4Play Nightclub (1st Round), 7PM, $5
Fri, June 19th at Hawaiian Brians (1st Round), 7PM, $7
Fri, June 24th at Hawaiian Brians (2nd Round), 7PM, $7
Sat, July 9th at 4Play Nightclub (FINALS), 7pm, $5
*: RSVP attending on Facebook here

Grand Prize $1000 along with exposure on OC 16 Primetime commercial airing the first week of the event and finals week.

EMS Studios FREE recording or rehearsal time.

Nemesis Productions Team Date: June 2, 9, 19, 24, July 9th, 2011

Venue: 4Play, Hawaiian Brian's

Judges (Rylan Yee, Joey Gumz Tadeo, Daniel Miller, Ernie Ecreala, Jack Jackman, Jadd Matsuda)

Timeline & Bands:

June 2nd 4Play (1st round)
Make this Last
Move Minor Standard
Still to this day
Above Reproach
Public Opinion
I Speak Drums
Virgin Mary

June 9th 4Play (1st round)
Crossroad Rebels
Delayed Resistance
Any Given Chance
Sing the Body
Completely Insane

June 19th Hawaiian Brian's (1st round)
Disaster Kit
Bogus Tsunami
Hollow Spheres
Wait for It
Eat The Rich
11th hour

June 24th Hawaiian Brian's (2nd round)

July 9th 4Play (FINALS)
Upon Golgotha

Bands members must load in one hour and a half before show start. Band members only. No loading in after show start. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Sponsored by: EMS Studios, Honolulu Pulse,, OC16, Nemesis Productions, Hawaiian Brian's, 4Play Nightclub

Video by Curators of Hip Hop coming soon!!!
Detroit's Jittin' Genius
+ Hawaii's Human Beatbox

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