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Rock Your Poetry

Two nights ago, I did an opening beatbox performance for the Rock Your Body Fashion Dance Benefit at the SoHo Mixed Media Bar presented by National Dance Week Hawaii and Dancers Unlimited. Here I am rocking the Far East Movement x Subcrew cap, the O.W.W.L (One World With Love) shirt and my Radii 420 Top sneakers.

Jason Tom at Rock Your Body Fashion Dance Benefit photo by Tracy Chan of Nonstop Honolulu

I also met an AliveNotDead friend Sergio (Far East Movement and Subcrew also have AliveNotDead) who uploaded a mini clip here:

Now onto poetry slam. I want to give a shout out to @NctrnlBst of Nonstop Honolulu for covering December 2011's First Thursdays "No Rules" Poetry Slam (non-qualifier to the Grand Slam Finals) with ukulele virtuoso Taimane Gardner as the featured headliner hosted by Kealoha (also a TEDxHonolulu 2011 presenter) of HawaiiSlam. Turning back time some, on October 2006, I made my First Thursdays, the largest registered poetry slam in the world, Poetry Slam debut as a beatboxer (though I was first introduced to the slam in 2004 prior) and ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro was the featured headliner (also a TEDxHonolulu 2011 presenter). That was when Jake and I met and then we collaborated live the next month.

Here is Kealoha's TEDxHonolulu presentation "Science Poetry Life"

Taimane Gardner's First Thursdays performance with her back up guitarist Jazzy Jaz

Here is footage of my First Thursdays performance captured by @NctrnlBst

My former classmate Christopher from the MELE Program also captured footage of First Thursdays here

Jake Shimabukuro's TEDxHonolulu presentation "Peace Love Ukulele"

Jason Tom and Jake Shimabukuro

Jason Tom's TEDxHonolulu presentation "Vocal Groove"

God Bless everyone and I wish for everyone to have wonderful and safe holiday season!

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