Jason Tom is An Idea Worth Spreading Like PB & J

Jason Tom, dubbed Hawaii’s King of Beatbox and Detroit Lions’ Most Optimistic Fan, is an idea worth spreading like peanut butter and jelly. “With great power, comes great responsibility.” He has pursued the “American Dream” since the tender age of four as Hawaii’s Human Beatbox Machine. His witty invention and state of the art website JasonTom.com is more than meets the eye, it rhymes. It ROARS OUT, “Detroit Lions!” Jason Tom Dot Com is the “onomatopoeia” of beatboxing music, art, and sports.

He is an American Christian, prolific TEDx presenter, musician, host, voice actor, speaker, writer, moonwalker, blogger, beatboxer, xenniel, southpaw, and outerwear aficionado. He’s a former comic book artist, math coach; soccer and judo athlete. Today he continues to build the bridge for his passions in art, sports, and music.

He is an advocate on empowering our community to make healthy life choices no matter the circumstances and to make the most with what we do have. He’s impacted, performed for and has spoken to 10,000 to 20,000 students annually on the Music With A Message, Say Yes To Purpose, Not Even Once, RAP: Real and Powerful assembly school tours, career days; and Chevron’s Speech Festival.

He’s spearheaded the launch of the Hawaii Beatbox hashtag, earliest and largest Hawaii Beatbox community gatherings, Hawaii Beatbox workshops, and first ever Hawaii Beatbox Battle Championships. He’s also contributed to the communities of Michael Jackson News Online, Beatbox Battle TV Networks, HumanBeatbox.com, SwissBeatbox.com, States of Beatbox, and Asian Avenue’s Music Group.

Jason Tom was musically inclined to beatbox at 4-years-old when he caught 1987’s CBS special, Michael Jackson: the Magic Returns and the world premiere of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” music video. One year following, he was furthered inspired by Michael Jackson’s 1988 musical film “Moonwalker” at a family gathering, and at his Diamond Head first grade classroom as a Liholiho Warrior.

In 1989, his sister audio engineered him beatboxing, scat singing, and singing the Michael Jackson “Bad” chorus all simultaneously at the same time, by memory, at the age of six on a music cassette tape.

"It's not every guy who gets mistaken for a boombox. Jason Tom is a walking, talking instrument; an energetic combination of drums, snare, vocals and synthesizer, all replicated using his voice."

From 1987 through 2003, he continuously cultivated, practiced, and honed his mouth drumming sounds and vocal percussion skills behind closed doors during his Liholiho Warrior, Kauluwela Tiger Cub, Kawananakoa AliʻI Warrior, McKinley Tiger years, and beyond.

He put in the hours of discipline, repetition, hard work, and dedication to vocally replicate, master and hone to vocally produce musical instrumentation and compositions from the “Moonwalker” musical film songs; and the “Dangerous,” “History,” “Blood on the Dance Floor,” and  “Invincible” music records.

Jason Tom grew up listening to Motown music, Bobby McFerrin, Doug E. Fresh, Fat Boys, Biz Markie, Run DMC, Beastie Boys on the radio at his entrepreneurial father’s business and on family road trips. He VHS taped and studied Michael Jackson concert footages, “Dangerous: the Short Films,” “History Volume 1,” and “History Volume 2” music VHS’ and DVDs. He was further inspired by Rahzel’s MTV Hip Hop Week, Leejay Abucanyan’s Stir TV, and Elaine Chao’s Showtime at the Apollo televised beatbox performances.

In 2004, following an evening of judo training, he got into a tragic collision with an SUV. His judo instincts kicked in upon impact. Through the storm, he landed on wet asphalt. The female driver rendered help and prayed for him. First responders arrived at the scene and brought him to the hospital. Doctor told his worried family that it’s a “miracle” that he survived and in many scenarios, it might’ve been fatal. God’s hand of protection and angels were there watching over him.

On the very next day, his sister took him to see the Passion of the Christ on the big screen. It is written in the sand, Jason Tom dug deep and has made an impact to present vocal percussion to all the world’s stage the beatboxing skills and stronger than any loco motive sound of the foundation he established from 1987 onward. Feel the beat… and the beat goes on. He’s unbeatable from the vocal groove to the rhythm and moves; and Gheghis Blues.

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Jason Tom's Monster Heartbeat Blog Cast

It's not every guy who gets mistaken for a boombox. Jason Tom, one of Hawaiʻi's most visible beatboxers, is a walking, talking instrument; an energetic combination of drums, snare, vocals and synthesizer, all replicated using his voice.”

— Tracy Chan, Metromix Cover Story