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About Jason Tom Hawaiʻi's Human Beatbox

Jason Tom is Oʻahu's child of the 1980s, world champion beatboxer, mathematician, beatbox poet, moonwalker, and southpaw who met Charlie and Lucy Wedemeyer at the McKinley High School Auditorium in the late 1990s. They signed his copy of Charlie's Victory and encouraged him not to give up even when in despair with a meaningful message and the biblical verse found in Philippians 4:13.

Now Jason Tom pays it forward at US Veterans Kapolei, preschools, k-12 school assemblies, hospitals, community colleges, universities, poetry slams, dance concerts, productions, improv jams, ukulele concerts, churches, youth prisons, homeless communities, and charities. An advocate on education, anti-bullying, and a person who edifies people to be strengthened to a tenacity to not give up in areas of life, school and career.

Jason Tom is Hawaiʻi's trilingual human beatbox who ranked as top 3 musician in McDonald's of Hawaiʻi 2016 NextNext Music Competition and Charity Event, was invited as a top 150 vocal percussion artist nominated for the men's solo competition at the 2015 Beatbox Battle World Championship, and is a featured musician in artist Faioso's hip-hop album nominated for a 2010 Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award.

Jason Tom began his career as an amateur beatboxer at age six in 1989 during the hip hop and beatbox era of the human beatbox Buffy of the Fat Boys, the greatest entertainer Doug E. Fresh, and Biz Markie. When Jason Tom’s Liholiho Elementary first grade teacher played Moonwalker on VHS, he could sing the music, instruments and vocals to Michael Jackson's "Badder" by memory before he even knew how to whistle and sing the alphabet song. He recorded that beatbox cover on an audio cassette tape in Honolulu. Though fun, Jason Tom failed first grade at Liholiho, and transferred to Kauluwela Elementary.

At Kauluwela, he cultivated his reading, spelling, art, drawing, and writing as an amateur comic book publisher. It was at Kauluwela he found an inspiration to create one of his original comic book superheroes "Gecko Man." He also continued to cultivate his beatboxing by recording songs on music cassettes until 1993.

During Jason Tom's amateur beatbox career, a slew of Hawaiʻi's hip hop and human beatbox pioneers Radical Rob, Keoni the Gizmo also known as ACE of Princes' of Percussion, Re-Run of TMT, and Joevon "J.B" Brown were active in the music scene.

In 2004, a vehicle of 3,000 plus pounds collided with Jason Tom, a former judo champion and 2x gold medalist, while he crossed the crosswalk on a greenlight near Shobukan Judo Club, Pizza Hut and Liliha Bakery. An ambulance team brought him to Queen's Medical Center. Jason Tom used judo during that collision on impact and he judo broke his fall on the wet asphalt before unconsciousness. Doctor told his family, "miracle, not a broken bone, not fatal." Once conscious, Jason Tom was taken by a caring family member to see the Passion of the Christ film the next day, and he learned he was unusually cautious of parked cars and incoming cars at the movie theatre parking lot.

That same year Jason Tom made his career debut as a professional beatboxer in front of Kapiʻolani Community College professor Leigh Dooley's composition writing class at a time that Razhel, Eklips and Kila Kella were killing it on the beatbox. As years went as healthy as he was, he'd experienced night terrors and recurring nightmares, and can be unknowingly triggered into complex trauma that caused him to relive that car accident beyond his own control that near cost his life multiple of times. By the grace of God, he was ultimately rescued through holding firm onto meditating on the Word of God, cardiovascular exercise, rest, journaling, music, and math to battle it out with the help of the Holy Spirit, and prayer warriors who helped him to uproot the "torment" in 2016. Today, his health is fully restored.

During Jason Tom's professional beatbox career, he founded the Jason Tom Academy, known formerly as the Human Beatbox Academy, to mobilize the next generation through beatboxing and mathematics to build a bridge to uplift people, to encourage them about perseverance.

Jason Tom will a special guest entertainer at April 20, 2019's Brown Bags to Stardom's Waikiki Block Party and he will guest judge at the 2019 Brown Bags to Stardom's Statewide Finals at the Hawaii Convention Center on April 27th.

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